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A partial fasting cure in Portugal - The regeneration of the bodies basis

For the moment I have only one room available at my house in Portugal suitable for an individual or couple. The daily routine of a body bases-cure is the same for an individual or group, following the instructions in my book “Teil-Fasten”. This involves massages, bloodless cupping, activ exercise and breathing therapy, magnetic field therapy and so on. Blood samples are tested regularly by darkfield-microscopy, along with urine and feces samples that are diagnosed according to F.X.Mayr.
The morning starts with pH-checks, tongue cleaning and sponging with oil, small lavages
of the throat, nose and eyes. A small quantity of bases-treatment solution should be prepared for the purge.
This is followed by green herbal tea, while blood pressure is measured and recorded and the persons mental and physical state are discussed. Afterwards breathing exercises in the fresh air. I prefer the singing of vowels and a special exercise for the eyes and the joints.
Breakfast consists of fresh ripe fruits. This kind of breakfast is easy to obtain in southern Europe. After breakfast, rest or gentle exercise to aid digestion, whichever is preferable? This is also a good time for a massage.
Lunch should be taken at noon consisting of raw vegetables prepared individually according to taste. These should consist of avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, onions, garlic, green herbs, spices, germs, seeds and sprouts, whatever the season offers.
The principal meal should consist of potatoes in the skin and/or sweet potatoes with steamed vegetables and avocados, butter and various oils “extra virgine”. Everyone should eat as much as he or she wants. There are no limitations regarding quantity or calories, individuals should be guided by their own instincts. I have a preference for the sweet potatoes (batatas),because they are suitable for the evening soup..
After this meal a rest is recommended with a wet pack for the liver. The afternoon will be free.
During this period therapies such as massages , bloodless cupping, magnetic field therapy and so on are available. It is important to enjoy the sea air environment this location has to offer. Activities on offer are, walking, tennis, barefoot-running on the beach, hiking or cycling. Those who feel the need to rest can do so in the fresh air even in wintertime in the sun.
Green herbal tea or water is available throughout the day.

A light evening meal should be taken between 05.00 p.m. and 06.00 p.m., consisting of a light vegetable soup. Pumpkin, zucchini, chestnuts, potatoes, batatas for example are a good basis for a creamy soup. This soup is "half-raw" and "al dente", enriched with unheated vegetables. One or two rice or corn-based crackers with herb butter can be taken if required.
During the evening individual footbaths can be taken. This therapy can last up to two hours. Leg massages, hatha yoga exercises are available to aid relaxation. At 10.00 p.m. bed rest is recommended, allowing the body time to recover according to the biological clock. My dream is to build a Health Spa here in Portugal. If you looking for such an investment and would like more information please visit my website and click on “project”.

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