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Acidity Therapy


Usefull Adresses

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Usefull Adresses

To deliver recommendations, useful addresses, is a two-sided weapon. But I will forward the following addresses to the best of my knowledge and have to emphazise at the same time that everyone of you has to gain his own experience and nobody can lay the blame for negative experience on me. You all are responsible for your own acts.

With reference to change of life and nutrition, however, many people depend on professional help. Still in her lifetime, Dr. Renate Collier trained many students to be acidosis consultants or to be acidosis therapists, in case they could prove to have passed a therapeutic examination. A list of those consultants/therapists can be requested from the German association "Gesundheitskreis Lernen - Vorbeugen - Heilen" This association was founded by Dr. Renate Collier and the actual chairman ist her daughter, Sylvia Collier, specialist in psycho therapeutic medicine. The contact is phone n° +49 4551 960 360.

Louise and Sebastian Bartning and the oldest center of health in Berlin train people to be acidosis consultants or acidosis therapists of Dr. Renate Collier.

Here goes my thank to Dr. Rainer  Matejka who was so kind to write the preface to my book about the nutrition. He is honorary president of DNB, Deutscher Naturheilbund e.V., for many years, he is executive editor of the periodical "Naturarzt" and since 1994 he is director of the Matejka Day Clinic in Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe

I recommend to all people who want to put in praxis the health nutrition, to get information about ecological farmers in the region, where they live. Helpful might be, besides the regional phone list, a classified alternative directory. The interested should concously buy at the weekly market or opt for home delivery of a ecological products (vegetabels and fruits). The advantage of such weekly home delivery is that you are "forced" to consume the vegetables within a week, the disadvantage is is that the choice during the wintertime might be very monotonous, except  the deliverer buys vegetables coming from other countries where they practise biological planting. This might be feasable when the products are bought in the European countries like Italy or Netherlans. But purchases from overseas are, im my opinion, ecoligically not justifiable. During wintertime, a real alternative represent seeds, shoots and sprouts which can be planted without problems and be put on the windows-sill. But only healthy seeds and crops should be used.

Winter is the time of the dry fruits which are basic food as long as they are unaldulteraded and pure. Here I would like to call your attention to the products of Mr. Götz Lück, who owns platations in the "Zweistromland" and sells biological products in an excellent quality He also sells my books in Germany.

Those who like to have a relaxing basic bath, might contact the company ORGON, who offer besides a bath-salt with a very efficent anti-acis effect, other helps and auxiliary materiales for use during a self therapy:  They also offer a very good book about the reasons and the therapy of acidity.

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