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Sufficient rest, whenever we feel tired, is the best, simplest and cheapest remedy for acidity.  For instance, a young child who is "sour/acid" becomes irritated, cries, and then falls asleep in the lap.  Once asleep, his organism is able to discharge the acids and to regenerate calmly.


You do not need to have seen every exhibition, joined every party and danced at every wedding. It is not necessary to have seen every part of the world in order to find social appreciation. Listen to your body signs when they indicate exhaustions. Give way to the demand of sleep, if not there will come times where you can´t sleep at all. Allow yourself an idle weekend, learn yoga, start to meditate or practice some other technique to relax.


Walking, jogging, playing tennis, skiing, long distance running- choose your fancy but find an activity that makes you feel good. High exertion, competitive acitivities are not necessary to eliminate acids and enhance one's sense of well-being.  Simple movement  in the fresh air will do the trick. Still can´t recover? Could be that your home, office or fitness-center are full of stale air. Most processes in the human body require ample amounts of oxygen, therfore tiredness could well be a sign of a lack of oxygen.

Sometimes immediate relief can be had by consciously taking deep breaths at the open window.  Inhale to a count of 4, hold for 8, and exhale slowly to a count of 8 as if you wanted to whistle a tune or blow out a candle.  Give attention to a conscious exhalation as one does in Yoga exercises.


Man lives not on bread alone.  Remember the times when you could live on only air+love? You were so distracted that you forgot to eat. You lived in the clouds. We may not be able to maintain this sense of happiness all life long, but we can do a lot to recognize the little lucky stones in our life and to put them lovingly in a row.


Avoid annoyances and distressing situations like stress at work, electro-stress, stress with your partner.  Solve your problems, avoid endurance stress, constant exposure to music/noises:

Be happy. Please yourself and others. Smile, laugh, watch the flowers bloom, listen to the chirping of the birds, the laughter of children, look at the colourful sunset and the luminous power of the stars, let yourself be lifted up by the vibrations of music, sing, put in each room of your dwelling a picture, an object, a flower, something that opens your heart once you look at it.  Admire yourself in the mirror, like yourself, accept yourself as you are and love and accept the others as they are.
Give yourself a time without commitments: stop, pause, reflect, and listen to your self.


The knowledge of how apply massage to yourself or to others according to the "therapy of acidosis" due to Dr. Renate Collier should be acquired in special courses. A possible guidance to a self massage of your legs you will find in my English version of the German book "Übersäuerung", which will appear soon.


The change of diet/nutrition is the most important thing in the self therapy. It won´t do to live on food with high percentage of sugar or animal protein or on fast food and then take as preventive measure against acidity any basic powder thinking it will be enough.

According to the degree of acidity it should be:
                Each day a basic meal
                Each week a basic day
                Each month a basic week
                Each year a basic month
                Basic food as constant way of nutrition.

Alphabatical list of good items:

A affection - action - acupuncture - adoration - aura
B Bach flowers - beauty - benevolence - beneficial
C cheerfulness - choral singing - cordiality - creativity - care - cozy - cuddle
D dancing - dreaming - delight
E exercising - easing - enchanting - energy
F friendship - flowers
G gymnastics - gardening - games
H happiness - holidays - helpfulness
I imagination - inspiration
J joyfulness - jogging - jumping - jollity
K kidding - kindliness - kindhearted
L laughing - loving
M meditation - music - massage
N naturalness - natural nutrition - niceness
O organic food
P painting - peace - pleasure
Q quietness
R relaxing - recovering - recreating - reassure - remembrance
S shiatsu - sleeping - sincerity - silence - sensitivity - softness
T thankfulness - teatime - truth
U unexpected - unequaled - undulating - unforgettable - unity - understanding - upbeat - utopia
V veneration - vibratory - vegetarian - vigorous - verity -
W wondrous - willing -winsome - wellness - willingness - welcome
X Xmas - xenophile
Y yoga - youthful -
Z zest - zenith - zen

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