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Darkfield Microscopy

In a drop of capillary blood taken from the fingertip, you can see the white and red blood cells and the many particles important for diagnosis by Darkfield Microscopy (DFM) according to Professor Gunther Enderlein.

You can see in the DFM, blood is not sterile. Depending on the state of health / disease changes in blood cells and / or symbionts, can be observed in the blood. Strains with uric acid crystals and / or bacteria/parasites can also be detected in the blood in this way.

An important diagnostic option is to evaluate the red blood cells (erythrocytes). They provide for the removal of cell breakdown products-whilst carrying necessary oxygen from the lungs to each single cell.

A “rouleaux formation”, the conglomeration of several erythrocytes, is a first indication of circulatory problems and a Pathological Developments.

Cold hands and feet, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, thrombosis leading to a heart attack or stroke can be possible consequences. It can also indicate a porous intestinal mucous membrane, “the leaky gut syndrome”.

Analysis plus advice 40.- €, long-term observation of the blood´s vitality increased by 10 - €


The Darkfield diagnosis of blood can identify trends of diseases and disturbances in acid-base balance.

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